What hurricane?


The warnings of inclement weather didn’t stop dedicated volunteers and staff from running our Haddington and Rittenhouse farmstands this weekend, and shoppers were happy to skip the long lines at the grocery store to get fresh local produce!  Pictured above: Joann and Dylan at the bountiful farmstand at 53rd and Poplar Streets, West Philadelphia.


What we’re harvesting August 19


Swiss chard


Bell peppers

Sweet banana peppers

Hot peppers

Tromboncini squash

Yellow summer squash




Green Beans


We will be at Rittenhouse and our Haddington farmstand this weekend but not Overbrook.  Jamal and Colon will be holding down the fort at Overbrook this week.


This weekend’s markets

It was a great day to shop and meet people at all three of our markets! Summer crops are in full swing, and at the Overbrook farmer’s market Jamal and Colon from the House of Umoja brought their first harvest of carrots for the season!