Working at UTC

We want to share our experiences with you!  This month’s question for the UTC staff comes from some of our SUNY Purchase volunteers, “What’s the best part for you about working for UTC?”

From L to R: Lisa, Q, Annie, Skip, Raheem, Ryan, and Misako. Not seen: Awinda, Kylin, Sue, and Jeff.

Awinda Otieno-Pala, Landscape Artist

Knowing that we’re not just creating/maintaining greenspaces, but we’re actually creating/redefining a community keeps me grounded.

Annie Preston, Program Coordinator

The best part about working for UTC is seeing children and adults take ownership over, maintain, and enjoy the gardens. Harvesting lots of raspberries, summer fruits, and honey is a close second.

Dylan Baird, CSA Business Manager

I really enjoy working with all of these different people to create an urban farm that has the potential to alleviate some of the hardships facing this neighborhood in Haddington. Between individuals from the neighborhood and staff at UTC, I believe the collective brain power exists to make this idea a reality and to work with other neighborhoods around Philly to identify ways to make their urban gardening projects self sufficient. Watching all of these people turn those beliefs into reality is my favorite part of working for UTC.

Kylin Navarro, Special Projects Coordinator

I love that we’re a small organization that covers a lot of ground.  From urban greening to farming to children’s programs, UTC does it all!  It’s a lot of work, but we all want to do it.

Sue Witte, Volunteer Coordinator

I love meeting, connecting with, and working alongside neighborhood adults and kids, volunteers, and staff in the venture of urban gardening and growing food in the city.

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