PYN update — group building!

The five working groups are working hard on their separate projects, and we (The Social Media and Documentation group) had the privilege of catching up with each team independently. Here’s the scoop:

Basil interviewed the construction team, who had bonded extremely well, and were in the process of building an extension to the shed. It was hot, but their spirits were high. They also started the process of irrigating the cooling house.


Jasmine interviewed the Concourse Lake group and discovered that they were giving tours of concourse lake to other volunteer groups, along with those necessary tasks like weeding. Their group leader (Lindsey Bushong) raved about how independently motivated her group is becoming.

Erica Headen interviewed the Marketing group, who has been establishing new methods of advertising for their Friday farmer’s market — including developing healthy recipe cards and creating fliers which describe the benefits of supporting local food systems.

Freddie followed the design group and found out that the group is inclined to pursue more artistic projects, like the development of a mural at the farm. And finally, our group has been making lots of art, doing film projects, and photographing the whole process. Hope to see you at the gardens!


— Erica, Jasmine, Basil, Freddie, and Sierra

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