An update on those peppers

A few days ago at the Farm we discovered that one of those Chapeu de Frade peppers, growing in great abundance on several huge plants (well, huge for pepper plants!), had turned an bright orangey-red.  Que politely refused a taste but Skip, Raheem and I, curious to see if it differed from the lime green ones, divided it up.  It was definitely sweeter but as we ate the flesh close to the seeds and stem, it was fairly hot!

Skip holding the remaining stem with seeds after the pepper tasting. “Whoa, this is hot on the inside!”

Chapeu de Frade pepper looking like a UFO

I think we figured out where these plants came from, too. Eric Blasco, professional gardener and friend of UTC, helped us out with seed-starting this spring. He is a seed saver and is especially interested in heirloom vegetable varieties.

Let’s hope we don’t have a frost too soon.  The plants are loaded with peppers that are still green and we’d like to see a bunch of those turn red!

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