Carrot Heads and Outdoor Artists at Memorial Garden Club

New Picture (23).png


Fall is the time for enjoying our harvest at Memorial Garden Club and learning about how to prepare the land for winter. This November our group of kids took time to try the many different veggies that they planted and grew in the past two months, as well as capturing the fall landscape in drawings.



In the beginning of November we planted rye seeds in an empty bed and learned about how cover crops protect the soil from runoff and restore nutrients as well. Two weeks later the same bed was full of rye grass and ready for a cold winter!

New Picture (21).png New Picture (20).png

The beds that we planted were full of lettuce , spinach and carrots. The kids got to try all of them, and spicy mustard greens as well, and everyone took some home to their families.  Many of the carrots were grown close together so they came up as baby carrots-delicious and sweet!

memorialgardenscan1.jpg“Fruit” by Destiny

The group also explored the crab apple tree at the garden and picked lots of the little “apples” which everyone decided looked more like cherries, but wouldn’t taste like them.  While the farm gets chiller in the fall, the Garden Club members still manage to have fun, learn and grow together!

New Picture (22).png

– Addie Ansell, UTC’s Philly Fellow and Curriculum Development Coordinator

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