Harvesting Artists at Memorial Garden (Part 2)


“Love” by Anthony Cassel,  Memorial Garden Sprout

That warm day in June seemed far away from the cold Saturday in March when seven Memorial Garden Kids bundled up to travel to the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA. Nestled in the woods, the CAC was an exciting and inspiring space to visit, explore a new natural setting and learn from Paul, Bob and Drew, three energetic art instructors. Using a pepper’s curve and the spikes of an artichoke youth created designs that were incorporated into Drew and Bob’s large scale mural design. Over the two days we spent most our time engaged with art creating imprints in clay to design beautiful tiles creating designs with fractals in pinecones, leaves, shells and lace.

Unsaved Preview Document

Yassin and Mikai creating slabs of clay

Two weeks later, as the ground had thawed at the Memorial Garden and we planted the first seeds, we returned to the CAC to finish and glaze our tiles and continue exploring the ecosystems nearby. By April the tiles were complete and it was the CAC’s turn to visit our garden and farm, where Memorial Gardener Sprouts worked with volunteers to paint the shed and install their original tiles into a mosaic that brightened has brighten the farm since!

(Part 3, the final installment, to follow!)

– Addie Ansell, UTC Programs Staff

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