Harvesting Artists at Memorial Garden (Part 3)

DSC_0213When  growing food or creating art, “creative restrictions don’t go together” says Que McCall, one of UTC’s dedicated Garden Educators, co-coordinator of Memorial Garden’s VeggieKids program for youth 10-13 and a poet himself. This belief in artistic invention without borders shines through in the beautiful poems crafted in a workshop that he and Jasmine Hamilton, co-coordinator of VeggieKids at Memorial, led this fall. After a year of hard work the young leaders of Memorial mused on subjects such as their communities, the landscape, love and bugs in four or five different poetry forms. Dimantes, ciquains, free verse and haiku all provided the platform for VeggieKids to share and highlight the voices and visions of the garden. And as with all artists, their works speak for themselves:

I’m good your good.

I’m bug your bug we all bugs.

I love you. You love you. We in Love.

I’m you. Your me. We are each other.

Bugs is life and life is bugs.

-Bryniah Rucker

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Worm Experiment by Rain Wilson, Veggie Kid


Mother Natures





God’s Creation

-Haneeyah McMillan









-Tiana Grant


Bugs are sweet

bugs are nice

they help us

mostly in our life.

Sting sting Buzz Buzz 

love love

-Naisim Sayers

Addie with the Memorial Garden Program kids

Addie with the Memorial Garden Program kids

– Addie Ansell, UTC Memorial Garden Coordinator

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