Spring Markets and Celebrations!

We celebrated our first day of markets this Saturday, with many people coming together to kick off the season!


Q and Pearl Street Sprouts set up decorations

Rachel and Dori (farmers) headed to Rittenhouse Square early in the morning, as dedicated neighbors—Lisa, Joann, Anita (NF Founders Group), and Pat, Ann, and Gale— started setting up the market at the entrance to the farm. Soon teen apprentices arrived to help prep and decorate the pavilion.


Rachel and Dori worked at the Rittenhouse Market stand

By mid-morning, neighbors were arriving to get the first farm produce of the season. They could pick up flowering plants, and sign up with Destiny (teen apprentice) to have compost picked up from their house each week. Inside the farm, dedicated volunteers— from the Presbyterian church, and a middle schooler completing a Bar Mitzvah project— helped Awinda (farmer) and Sue (volunteer coordinator) plant and weed at the farm, and then joined everyone for lunch.


Awinda, Gale, Sunlight, and volunteers

Gale was back a the grill, kids decorated pots and planted flowers with Addie and Jasmine (garden educators), while Alexis (teen apprentice) painted faces.


Jasmine and Alexis painting faces!

Dr. Sunlight Little, west philly nutritionist, naturalist, and herbalist, made her way back to the farm too. She led an awesome juicing class for us on Thursday, giving advice on nutrition that also touched on behavior and culture. She talked to many neighbors, and over lunch she sat down to talk with Skip (UTC director). We hope she will join us again soon!


Skip and Sunlight

High school students trekked down from as far away as Harlem for the day(!). They came to learn about urban faming in Philadelphia, recognizing that, as a city, we are forward thinking about it, and embrace it. They got a tour of all sites from Skip, and then worked with Sue in the Pennsgrove garden, a block away.


High school students from the College Quest Program in New York City

By the afternoon, kids had taken creative charge of the face paints, and collaboratively transformed Lily, Q, and Karen (garden educators), as well as several parents, into animals and super-natural creatures.


Q, Lily, and Karen with Pearl Street Sprouts and parents!

It was awesome to see so many people—both long-time supporters, and many new faces— enthused about a new season of fresh, neighborhood veggies, and excited about growing our community activities and programs. Thanks to everyone who joined!

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