Meet Urban Tree Connection’s 2017 Staff

UTC Staff

Join us in welcoming UTC’s 2017 Staff! From left to right: Aiyanna Sims, Community Education Coordinator;¬†Nykisha Madison, Community Markets Manager; Hannah Thompson, Farm Manager Assistant; Noelle Warford, Executive Director; Misako Scott, Office Manager; Lisa Barkley, Community Liaison; Lila Bhide, Community Educator; Uwa Williams, Farm Manager

UTC is hiring!

Part-time Bookkeeper-Bookkeeping is completed in QuickBooks Online weekly and can be done remotely, the Executive Director (ED) and Office Manager oversee all necessary documentation is uploaded to SharePoint. In addition to entering transactions, bills, and invoices, the Bookkeeper maintains the weekly cash flow tool and completes biweekly journal entries to allocate payroll across the appropriate departments. The Accountant closes the books at the end of the month, but the Bookkeeper gathers all necessary month-end information and reconciles the credit card account. This position works closely with the Executive Director, Office Manager, and Accountant.

UTC Bookkeeper Job Description