Honeybees Hard at Work!


Bee Update: Our farm’s two honeybee colonies are thriving, building up their population and foraging for nectar throughout the UTC gardens in West Philadelphia.  On the frame pictured, the bees are raising young, making honey, storing pollen and building new comb.  Photo taken by UTC’s newest beekeeper, Quinzell.  Stay tuned for more adventures in urban beekeeping!

Inspecting the Hives

Flowers are in bloom all over the neighborhood and our honeybees are busy collecting pollen and nectar.  Yesterday, Q, Raheem, and Annie suited up and went out to check on our little ladies.  The bees are building beautiful comb that is already filled with sweet golden honey!  We couldn’t be more excited!

Despite some bad stings over the last few weeks, Annie is still our fearless (and veil-less) bee pro!

Annie and Raheem inspecting the hive.

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