Wild Edibles at the Farm


Chickweed as it is going to flower.

While there is not a lot that can endure the dogged days of winter, there is one wild edible that can be seen holding tenaciously to the frozen ground, reaching its limbs through cracks in the ice and breaks in the snow, and populating the pathways in our high tunnels.  UTC/NF farmer Rachel de Vitry shares her insights on Chickweed, a surprisingly resilient cold hardy vegetable that makes a happy home on our farm:

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The gardens are a buzz!

Our resident bee colony pollinated crops at the farm all season this year!

Spring is a busy season at UTC. Between finishing high tunnel and rainwater catchment construction, building the washing pavilion, and preparing all of the gardens for spring planting, you’d hardly know we’re still in the middle of winter.  And this spring, we’re adding another two beehives to the farm to pollinate crops, teach kids about insect-ecosystem relationships, and produce golden, treatment-free West Philly honey!

The farm keeps growing even as weather gets cooler

Despite the recent cold temperatures, crops are still growing (spinach, lettuce, kale, collards, carrots), and production space is expanding with the construction of the high tunnel.  Photos by Sue Witte.

Ryan, Quenzell, and Raheem have been hard at work on the high tunnel and closing up the farm for the season

Greens and lettuce are thriving in the cool weather for their last few weeks