Wild Edibles at the Farm


Chickweed as it is going to flower.

While there is not a lot that can endure the dogged days of winter, there is one wild edible that can be seen holding tenaciously to the frozen ground, reaching its limbs through cracks in the ice and breaks in the snow, and populating the pathways in our high tunnels.  UTC/NF farmer Rachel de Vitry shares her insights on Chickweed, a surprisingly resilient cold hardy vegetable that makes a happy home on our farm:

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Great, busy day for UTC!

Qadir, high school student and veteran Veggie Kid, made his debut working at the Neighborhood Foods Rittenhouse Farmer’s Market stand this weekend!

The weather held out to make a beautiful day for all the activity buzzing in the gardens and at the markets this weekend! At the 53rd & Poplar Farmstand and Flea Market, Joann M, Joann W, Anita, Dylan and Pam held down the fort selling loads of veggies and housewares across the street from the farm. At the farm, Skip and Ryan worked with volunteers from Vanguard, Comcast, and Verizon and made great headway on finishing rainwater harvest system construction, and Annie harvested honey from the farm’s beehive.  Around the corner, volunteers worked with Sue maintaing the Rose Garden.  Downtown at Rittenhouse Square, Shamara and Qadir sold vegetables and a new addition- Lisa’s recycled works of art!

What hurricane?


The warnings of inclement weather didn’t stop dedicated volunteers and staff from running our Haddington and Rittenhouse farmstands this weekend, and shoppers were happy to skip the long lines at the grocery store to get fresh local produce!  Pictured above: Joann and Dylan at the bountiful farmstand at 53rd and Poplar Streets, West Philadelphia.


This weekend’s markets

It was a great day to shop and meet people at all three of our markets! Summer crops are in full swing, and at the Overbrook farmer’s market Jamal and Colon from the House of Umoja brought their first harvest of carrots for the season!

Beautiful Summer Saturday

Karen, UTC summer intern, and Joann, dedicated neighborhood gardener and volunteer working the farmstand while T does face paint in the background. It was a gorgeous day out, with lots of neighborhood help and plenty of collards, tomatoes, and cucumbers for sale! Stop by next Saturday between 10 and 2 for lots more vendors and food!